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WHO WE ARE...From our beginnings

DAVID G. PERRY------April 14, 1975, in many ways seems so long ago yet in other ways it seems just like yesterday.   In a little theater on Fort Knox, KY, after watching a movie called "Time to Run", I knew what I was missing in my life was Jesus Christ.  I confessed to God that my sins nailed Jesus to the cross, would send me to hell, and that Jesus paid the penalty.  Prior to this night, Joe Ray, who had just poured 3 1/2 months of his life into my life, was standing beside me when Christ entered into my heart.  Joe would spend the next 12 months helping me grow as a Christian and new person in Christ. (Gal 2:20)  He told me to memorize Ps 119:9 & 11 and that he would check up on me the next Friday.  He was faithful to his word and I had my first 2 verses.  The two greatest things that impacted me would be Joe giving of his life to me and his emphasis on the Bible.  He would always tell me to claim the PROMISES OF GOD.  During that time he introduced me to the Webster family that opened their home to all of us, as we would go in and out on a regular basis.  I had never seen a home like that one. After one year, Cecil Bean would ask me to move into his home for help in establishing me in the Christian life.  He would open up his life, marriage, family, and home to me to get a first hand observation and to see how the Christian life could be lived out while having a "full-time" job yet be involved in "full-time" ministry.  This concept is still understood by the precious few.  WOW! What an example!
I was transferred to Germany where God would put in touch with Joe Lee Holt and his family.  Joe would have such an impact upon my life.  He helped round some very rough edges in my life yet he would be a pace setter for me.  After 5 years in the army and being around the Navigator ministry, I started college at Rio Grande College in Rio Grande, OH.  I asked God for 2 things: one man so I could impart the Word of God to, as well as, my life and discernment into the lives of others.  He has never let me down.  In the early years, God did far more molding in my life than any person I attempted to work with yet he still gave me some good guys and gals out of those years. 

Eventually, after many years of having what was called Bible study, someone thought we should have a name so they could ask students to things by name.  S.E.A.R.C.H. (Seeking Every Answer and Response Christ Has) was born and it has been that ever since.  I met my wife Sandy at Rio and we still live within a couple of minutes walking distance from campus.  We have two children, Joshua, married to Stefanie and Kayla married to Evan Staph. We have three grandchildren by Joshua and Stef: Thiesen Dale, Tristan Dale and Torin Dale.  Sandy is a preschool teacher and I am retired after 36 years in public education.  Our Lord has given us many solid guys and gals over the years since 1979 and we are very thankful to Him for allowing us to work in the harvest and being entrusted with His fruit for a season.  

The theme of S.E.A.R.C.H. is Mark 3:14 “He appointed 12 that they might be WITH HIM (Intimacy) and that He might SEND THEM OUT to preach.” (Commission)  I am convinced today more than ever that this was the PRIME DIRECTIVE of Jesus Christ.  TO BE WITH HIM (Intimacy)

SEND THEM OUT (Mission) If only we could get young men and women to commit to growing intimately with their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ through the Word of God and prayer while developing a heart for people through evangelism and discipleship.  I’m extremely grateful for the Navigator ministry and the faithful men and women who poured their individual lives into my life and stressed the importance of the Word of God in a person’s life. (I Thes 2:7-8)

I’m so thankful for Joe Ray, the Websters, Beans, Holts, and others who were pace setters for me along with the Word of God.  See my friends; there are only two things eternal that we can put our hands on. The Word of God (Isa 40:8) and people (Jn 5:24) God has promised to destroy the rest.  What are you giving yourself to in your life? 

I hope you are involved in the Prime Directive of Jesus Christ. Mark 3:14…WITH HIM…SEND THEM OUT.
David G. Perry:  Founder of S.E.A.R.C.H. (Seeking Every Answer and Response Christ Has)

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